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    Best Charities by Cause

    Our expert analysts have compiled lists of the top charities working on a variety of different causes to help guide your giving.

    Charity Navigator has expertly curated these lists of charities to help you make a difference in the causes you care about. Each list contains highly rated organizations that our team has identified as some of the best charities in their areas.

    We plan to continue refining and expanding these lists regularly so that you can find the best charities addressing some of our time's most pressing and intractable issues.


    To get started, simply visit a cause area below and find a number of highly effective charities to support.



    • The Global Poverty Fund
      Address Global Poverty
      Help make the world a better place for impoverished communities.
    • The Hunger Fund
      End Hunger
      Help provide food to those in need.
    • woman holding orange ribbon
      Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
      Charities funding research, providing support for treatment and care, and general support services for those living with multiple sclerosis.
    • woman going in CT scan
      Kidney Disease Awareness
      Charities funding research, providing support for dialysis, transplant, and palliative care, and general support services.
    • man being examined by doctors
      Colorectal Cancer Awareness
      Highly rated charities committed to the advancement of research and care for colorectal cancer patients.
    • The Animal Welfare Fund
      Support Animal Welfare
      Help provide care to animals in need.
    • The Environmental Fund
      Protect the Environment
      Help protect the environment.
    • little girl in doorway
      Charities Working in High-Impact Causes
      Highly rated charities working in unusually high-impact causes, identified by the effective altruism community and our analysts.
    • The Education Fund
      Improve Education
      Help make learning possible for students of all ages.
    • The Homelessness Fund
      Reduce Homelessness
      Help provide housing and care for the homeless.
    • volunteer with supplies
      Black-Founded Nonprofits
      Nonprofits uplifting the Black community and working across a spectrum of category causes.
    • boys playing with gifts
      Donations as Gifts
      Highly rated charities that offer you the opportunity to make a donation that signifies a tangible item.
    • girl sitting on father's shoulders with American flag
      Immigration and Refugees
      These highly rated charities are leading the conversations on immigration, refugees, and global migration.
    • Hispanic family
      Hispanic and Latinx Communities
      Nonprofits supporting and uplifting the Hispanic and Latinx communities.
    • Asian family
      Nonprofits Serving Asian Communities
      Highly rated nonprofits dedicated to stopping Asian hate & ensuring civil rights are maintained for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
    • child looking worried
      Human Trafficking Prevention & Survivor Protection
      Support highly rated charities committed to fighting human trafficking.
    • two people comforting each other
      Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness
      Highly rated charities leading the conversation on mental health support, depression, and suicide prevention.

    Most Highly Rated Charities

    Check out the select group of charities that have been assessed via all four beacons and have earned a perfect score.

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    Learn How We Curate Our Lists

    View the criteria we use to select charities for our Where to Give Now, Popular Charities, and Best Charities lists.