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    Charities Working in High-Impact Causes

    Highly rated charities working in unusually high-impact causes, identified by the effective altruism community and our analysts.

    Our wallets aren’t infinite. With so many organizations and causes to give your money to, how can you decide where it will do the most good? The effective altruist research community has argued that you can maximize the effect of your donations by focusing on causes that are very big, meaning that they have a big effect on a great many lives; tractable, meaning that donations will actually make a difference; and neglected, meaning that your particular donation matters a lot. Our expert analysts have compiled a list of charities that work on such causes.


    Please click on the names of the high-performing charities included in our list to learn more and to make a donation via the Giving Basket.

    Effective altruism is a community and research field that tries to answer this question: How can we do as much good as possible given our limited resources? The resulting research has identified a few cause areas as opportunities for exceptional impact, including global health and development, animal welfare, and interventions to protect the long-term future from risks like pandemics and emerging technologies. Charities that work on these causes can be even hundreds of times as effective as ordinary charities. Using this research, our analysts have selected charities working on high-impact causes and using cost-effective, evidence-backed interventions.

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      Learn How We Curate Our Lists

      View the criteria we use to select charities for our Where to Give Now, Popular Charities, and Best Charities lists.